February 2016 Meeting

Python Language Features


Feb 10




How and Why to use them

Josh Reed will be presenting a talk on the features of the Python language that allow coders to save time and avoid repetition.

Over the past ten years or so, Python has integrated cutting-edge language constructs into its core that allow programmers to leverage the advantages of using a modern, intelligent programming language. Some of these features can seem a bit abstract at first, but after understanding how they work and why they are useful, one could wonder how they ever got by without them. Some of these topics are a bit theoretical, but each has meaningful practical applications. Topics include:

  • Iteration: How Python iteration works from the ground up
  • Generators: iteration, coroutines, and asynchronous applications
  • Context Managers: Acquiring and freeing resources
  • Decorators: Using functions to make functions easier
  • Metaclasses: Automatic handler registration and object creation control

In addition, certain Python 3 features promise much for the future:

  • Futures: The language-native way to deal with the reality of an asynchronous world
  • Type Hinting: Why it matters

Although this talk will cover abstract features of Python, the focus will be on how and why these features are useful tools for writing practical software in the real world.