December 2015 Meeting

One [Cloud Server] To Rule Them All?


Dec 9




This month’s practical python subject, “libcloud and more” focuses on small code snippets to shop for, deploy, control, and destroy cloud servers using libcloud and more. We’ll cover a wide variety of real-world task-oriented but still tiny scripts that do things like “I need another server in Asia, but not China or Hawaii, that has X amount of RAM and Y amount of disk, and I need to get docker running on it NOW” as well as “find the cheapest server, deploy, add to my DNS, and HA proxy, NOW!” and other real-life examples like “I want to make a wordpress that can handle one million hits a day, in 30 minutes, with ten commands.” All jargon will be explained using simple analogies, and all scripts used will be made available and are written in concise and beginner-level python.

Please remember to RSVP for positive pizza party planning purposes.