May 2015 Meeting

Is It BeautifulSoup Yet?


May 13 2015




Need to get some info out of a crummy web site? Parse some wonky XML? Any -ML, whether its well-formed or not?

Let me tell you about “BeautifulSoup”, the 4x4 of markup processing libraries. Its not only capable, but also easy.

Process out a chunk of a big web page with a dozen lines of python? How about messed up HTML with missing closing tags or tags closing out of order? No problem. What about a goofy markup dialect (DWML) that makes SAXParser crash? Its no problem.

BeautifulSoup is sturdy, easy (enough) and fast, and it’s easy to include in your program. Come see some simple, iPython Notebook-equipped examples that you can checkout and run from github, and hey, thanks to Techlahoma, have some tasty pizza to keep you busy all the while.